Is Broadwell by Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) Already Cancelled?


The multinational giant Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) announced to bring a new powerful central processing unit called Broadwell H to the market this year but have postponed their new product till next year’s early spring. The company’s PC client group head Kirk Skaugen announced that they were shipping millions of unit parts for the preparation of a very early fifth generation spring core launch of the traditional Celeron, Core i3, i5, i7, and Pentium for which are going to be on Broadwell U.

The experts however are questioning what is to become of the high powered variants of quad which are  Broadwell H & M if is launching Broadwell U in spring and skylake in late 2015. However during the question and answer session he was questioned about Skylake whether it is going to be an old school launch or does it mean you are planning to get finished with Broadwell very soon? He replied that they haven’t yet given an official date for any of their products.

But what he can tell us is that they are planning to design and manufacture very durable desktops and notebooks and 2 in 1s. However any sudden modification can be made before the final release of the products. However according to the disclosed information from an unknown source of VR-zone Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) had planned to manufacture and release the Broadwell H chip series sometime in the middle of 2015.

As Skaugen claims if they are planning to build such durable devices then does Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) have any intentions at all of launching the Broadwell H? According to the experts it won’t be any surprise if Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) switches to Skylake directly and presents a significantly improved performance PC with newly designed graphics. However according to the analysts If Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) does skip Broadwell H and starts working on Skylake and gives it till the mids of 2015s then the multibillionaire company again has a chance to come back in the game where it has to compete with a rival like Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL).

The company this time wants to bring advanced graphic devices into the market to stabilize its declined goodwill regarding computer graphics. For this the company also has to compete with other giant competitors like Nvidia, AMG and Matrox. The company has a soaring reputation against the graphic cards manufactured by these companies, especially against Nvidia which has the lead. If Skylake goes well the company is already set to release its next variant the 10 nano meter Cannonlake which could be one of its greatest hits.

The analysts suggest that Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) should already cancel the Broadwell H and start focusing on Skylake right away. What Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)’s management is concerned about is that canceling broadwell H however could also throw a wrong message not just at the market but the customers as well. According to the analysts the management fears their operational reputation is at stake here. They think the market might lose its trust in Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) Co’s products.