IPhone 7, Apple (NASDAQ:APPL)’s Next Version On Its Way


Apple (NASDAQ:APPL)’s newer models have generated impressive sale figures since their launch in to the market. Even though iPhone 6 has not been in the market for long, Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) is already thinking of launching the next version of the iPhone family, IPhone 7. Rumour has it that Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) will be releasing the newest model in the next fiscal year.

There original idea was to release iPhone 7 along with iPhone 6 earlier in the year or even name it iPhone 6s, instead of incrementing the number. IPhone 6, as aforementioned is doing exceptionally well and the sales figures look very promising. Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) is planning to launch its iWatch in early 2015.  It is likely that iPhone 7 will be launched at the same time span in which iPhone 6 was released this year.

Let’s look at the features of the iPhone 7 in more detail to see what makes this version better than the previous ones.

The display on the new iPhone depends on what Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) actually decides the name of the latest version. If Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) decides to go with iPhone 7 then it is likely that the consumers will see a new and updated version. But, if Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) decides to name it iPhone 6s, then it is most likely that (NASDAQ:APPL) will make minor changes. If we look at the history, it is most likely that Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) will come up with a bigger, better and stronger outer body and even if it’s an upgrade from iPhone 6, it will still be something more than just a new version.

It is likely that there might be use of sapphire glass in iPhone 7, a feature that was being considered for iPhone 6. If this idea is implemented, iPhone 7 will be the first smartphone ever to be constructed mainly from sapphire glass, which is something Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) will definitely like to take credit for.




Another new feature that seems likely in iPhone 7 is the camera and picture quality. Analysts are already speculating that iPhone 7 will most probably be equipped with the best camera, which is comparable to the quality of digital lens reflex cameras. The camera in iPhone 6 has already won lots of positive reviews mainly because of its optical image stabilization and its ability to capture high definition videos. But some revelations made by the blogger and podcaster John Gruber, who has sources inside the Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) network, speaks of the miracles that this camera can do. According to John Gruber, the iPhone 7 may feature 21 megapixel lens, which will be a huge leap from the already amazing camera hosted by iPhone 6.

And to those who would actually like to see how iPhone 7 will actually look, concept images for the model are already available. Martin Hajek, a tech designer has already created visuals of what the model will look like. But we can only sit tight and anticipate what the latest model from Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) will actually look like.