Is there any chance that INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION (NYSE: IBM) becomes the big white whale of the entire 30 Dow Jones Industrial Average? It seems a bit farfetched because IBM (NYSE: IBM) is currently drenched in many woes that need immediate attention but is it impossible for anyone to even give it a single thought? The Wall Street might differ with us but we see a lot of potential in IBM (NYSE: IBM) and if the CEO manages to take a couple of right steps, the farfetched thought will become reality soon enough.

IBM (NYSE: IBM) has been performing poorly on the market and it would not be wise to make premature predictions but looking at the tricks that IBM (NYSE: IBM)  is holding up in its sleeves, there is a chance the company will come back more stronger than ever. IBM (NYSE: IBM) is holding large service orders backlog. Warren Buffet is onboard with the company as a major shareholder and the company is repurchasing stock worth of billions, more than its net income per year.

IBM Co. (NYSE: IBM) has also gotten rid of the atrocious dream of having 20 dollar per share in stock by the end of 2015. IBM Co. (NYSE: IBM) ’s persistence with that was childish and keeping the company from growing but now there is much to look forward to once that message has been terminated. We know it’s hard to fathom that by 2015 the company will be the hottest stock on the market, since it was down by 10 percent this year. But the market is always in a state of transition. Stocks rise and the next moment they fall. We’re not suggesting investors should opt for stocks that are turbulent but IBM Co. (NYSE: IBM) has the ability and the inventory to compensate for the 10 percent losses and yet make money in the future.

IBM Co. (NYSE: IBM) ’s stock price is reasonable, even though the company hasn’t posted much revenue this year. That means the stock still has its attraction value, which is exactly what IBM Co. (NYSE: IBM) needs right now: attractive stock. Investors need to invest in IBM Co. (NYSE: IBM) to keep the company’s finances flowing or else the company will be disintegrated. Frankly, it’s really hard to believe that a company’s stock will grow stale when it is being tutored by Warren Buffet. We forecast that IBM Co. (NYSE: IBM)  will surge in 2015 and in two years, people will forget IBM Co.(NYSE: IBM) ’s current disappointing situation.

IBM Co. (NYSE: IBM)’s shares closed at 162.50 dollars. The consensus analyst price is 169 dollars and the highest analyst price is set at 198 dollars. IBM Co. (NYSE: IBM)  is far from the consensus price but as it have been mentioned above, it’s not unattractive. It still holds the power to attract investors. IBM Co. (NYSE: IBM) ’s fate will be revealed by the future, as to how it will fare in the next couple of years.