International Business Machines Corp (NYSE:IBM) Collaborates With Softbank Corp. To Bring Watson To Japan


The coming together of International Business Machines Corp (NYSE:IBM) with SoftBank Softbank Corp. a year ago has yielded results. The two companies have launched six Japanese Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Softbank did this to try and accommodate its supercomputer Watson to Japan, and apart from the APIs, the two companies have also launched Speech-to-text and text-to-speech services.

With the new set of language and speech services, local entrepreneurs, partners and app developers will now be able to apply Watson to their businesses more innovatively. However, despite this achievement, Watson feels that its greatest success is that of being able to make Pepper, Softbank’s personal robot act more human.

With the new APIs, other developers will perhaps be able to hang onto Watson’s powers for their applications. Already thousands of developers across the globe have been using these technologies since the launch of the Watson platform took place, a move that will help IBM penetrate more into the Japanese market with ease.

According to General Manager, IBM Watson, David Kenny, being able to offer the Japanese market the power of cognitive computing is a thrilling experience for the company. It is also exciting to see the community getting transformed through creativity in the application of Watson.

Kenny’s sentiments were heightened by President and CEO of SoftBank, Ken Miyauchi who stated that having zeroed out on a dozen ecosystem partners since the formation of the alliance; they are now seeking to introduce Watson internally. The primary target is to forge into the new market and offer innovative solutions to customers.

The new Watson technology has largely been embraced in Japan and is transforming many businesses. Besides, the newly available language capabilities have brought on board Cognitive systems that are readily understandable by any human being whether through a written form, natural language or a visual cue. After all, the understanding of fundamental ideas and perceptions is of the essence.

The two companies are considering these latest developments a well-gained milestone. And as if this is not enough, Robotics Holdings Corp. is now looking forward to developing a form of Watson for Pepper robots.