IBM (NYSE:IBM) Watson Group delves into Health, Financial and Business Sector


IBM (NYSE:IBM) Watson Group is still in its adolescent days, formed merely 10 months ago and new on the market, analysts had predicted that it will reach the zenith in merely a year. It has brought in top professionals from IBM (NYSE:IBM) from around the world, to make it the core unit of the company.

The Watson Group unit’s zealous structure includes research personnel from IBM (NYSE:IBM) along with new cognitive technologies and some core capabilities from its software business. New approaches to the market are introduced, by bringing in people from sales, marketing and consultanting. All of this was done to pave way for the new era in computing.

Ten months and Watson Group has already made a formidable position in the market. Clients from all around the word: Austalia, South Africa, New Zealand etc have jumped onboard instantly. In the health sector, Watson Group is battling the challenges faced by the society through organizations like Memorial Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, the New York Genome Center and the Mayo Clinic.

Watson Group with the help of biotechnological clinics/ firms are tending to the technological and computing aspects of medical care. Every week the doctors are learning how to tackle new diseases and problematic healthcare issues. In the financial sector, Watson Group has announced projects with Development Bank of Singapore and is making progress with other financial firms as well.

Ecosystem launched a series of applications powered by Watson to take Watson group into retail, travel, security, healthcare, nonprofit, and veterinarian medicine industries. Watson analytics will make people understand data in a comprehensive way and also give indications as to what might happen in the future.

They are opening up a well of prospects globally in every sector and the dedication of IBM (NYSE:IBM) to take the computing world to a whole new level is worth commending. New services are opening up which will give IBM (NYSE:IBM) an opportunity to define the computing future. IBM (NYSE:IBM) now has its own Client Experience center which flaunts the company’s vast experience and technology in a different way.

The Client Experience Center will enable the clients to get in touch with INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP (NYSE:IBM) and work closely with its professionals, also to understand the whole concept and ideology of Watson. The personal bond will give birth to a successful and formidable partnership.

Watson isn’t going to settle for New York only. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP (NYSE:IBM) plans to expand its Watson unit globally, for which they are focusing on learning different cultures and norms of the areas. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP (NYSE:IBM) will also establish world wide Client Experience centers in Dublin, Melbourne, Singapore and London.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP (NYSE:IBM) is expanding its Watson ecosystem program to a much larger audience through which they can gain easier access to Watson Technology. Clients along with the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP (NYSE:IBM) talent hub will build the future for the next generation computing.