HTC Corporation (TPE: 2498) releases a mount digital camera


HTC Corporation (TPE: 2498) has been focusing on the camera quality for its new releases. In their latest smartphones, they have enhanced the camera quality, with both the front and back camera with 13mp autofocus. The results are high resolution photographs and selfies. HTC Corportion (TPE: 2498) is now bringing in innovative technology to develop a still and video camera.

HTC Corporation (TPE: 2498) is fairly a new entrant into this market, that is currently dominated by Flip and GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO). HTC Corporation (TPE: 2498) entrance into the market will encourage other tech brands to follow suit. It also means that these action cameras have started to get the mainstream tech brands attention.

The new HTC Corporation (TPE: 2498) RE camera resembles a submarine periscope. It’s the sort of a camera which you can just put on a timer and place it anywhere. It has similar options for video recording. Also it’s easy to carry around; the simple design enables you to shoot smoothly. The battery can last about an hour and 30 minutes of continuous shooting or 1200 photographs.  It is completely water resistant, since water can’t seep into the camera because of its physical built.

HTC Corporation (TPE: 2498) RE also brings convenience into the equation. There is a single silver button for both video recording and capturing images. To switch to video recording, the button needs to be pressed longer than for a photograph. The 16MP and a 146 Wide angle lens ensures a large field view, hence, a panoramic view can be captured. Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Play and Apple (NASDAQ: APPL) IOS have an app through which one can see the live view in the smartphone.

Video capturing has HD 1080P capability. Video features include time lapses, image stabilization to get smooth footage. HTC Corporation (TPE: 2498) is introducing unique mounts for this camera, so it can be attached to the user, bicycle, or even to a seat belt. Also HTC CORPORATION (TPE: 2498) is offering extra battery pack to provide maximum runtime for the camera.  HTC Corporation (TPE: 2498) has provided simple usability and good features as a package in the RE. GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) developed constant companion cameras, that were quite popular amongst consumers. They have also manufactured cameras that can be even used as cinema cameras. For HTC, this is a first attempt and it’s a considerable success.

HTC Corporation (TPE: 2498) RE isn’t really a match to GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) yet, but for a first attempt, they have done a pretty good job. HTC Corporation (TPE: 2498) has made way for other companies to try out their cameras in this league. These companion cameras will go viral in a short time, considering the wild rush of indie video. It is expected that these cameras will enter the professional market and will be used in filmmaking and media production. So far only GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) is capable enough to make such cameras, however; the company should ready itself for new competition in the market.