HP Inc (NYSE:HPQ) Rolls Out DaaS Services In India


HP Inc (NYSE:HPQ) has announced that its Devise-as-a-service (DaaS) program has been launched in India. This barely comes after they announced this service to the world in June last year. The service is aimed at helping enterprises to keep their PC infrastructure up to date. Enterprises will only pay one price seat on a monthly basis over a period of three to four years, for the use of PCs.

In addition, they will also get customized services and support, which includes on-site break-fix, PC configuration, software installation and data migration alongside the ability to migrate to the latest HP device over subsequent contract periods. HP will also help them in disposing of their old PC. This means organizations can enjoy predictable annual cost and have ease in only dealing with one contract during their PC life.

Launching of this service in India means that enterprises in the Asian Pacific have a chance of keeping their PCs infrastructure up-to-date. This is through a third party delivery of workspace to the end user by utility or subscription service model.

Rajiv Srivastava, managing director, HP Inc, India stated that the companies services and solutions will grow with organizations and enterprises. This will enable them to access the right technologies while connecting to different markets within India and the whole world. He also emphasized on the use of suitable devices, but he noted managing of this devices is important. Proper management, means the devices are flexible, have been integrated with the right application and are secure.

HP’s Daas was first implemented with Maruti Suzuki India Ltd and the primary focus during this time was to empower their sale forces with tablets which have interactive content and also serve as a basis for storing customers information.HP currently say it is working with healthcare, education and banking industries and also with start-ups.

Srivastava also noted that digital transformation was crucial for business which aimed at staying ahead while delivering top services to their customer. Each company should identify options which match their customer requirement and aspiration and address them in an efficient manner by use of the right technologies.