Honeywell International (NYSE:HON)’s Success Train Not Slowing Down Anytime Soon


Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) has regained some of its lost stock price in their third quarter earnings but that hasn’t still pleased the investors. Honeywell International (NYSE:HON)’s profit dropped down to a 52 week low earlier this month, but their third quarter earnings defied all estimates and predictions. They gained around 4 percent in shares margins and guidance alleviated too.

Some investors aren’t happy with the attitude Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) has displayed over the hasty sell-off however. It seems as if they are too wary of the global financial meltdown that is being predicted (and feared). Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) isn’t being put off by the fear of a global meltdown as it insists that they are growing well in India, and already making a profit in U.S and China.

The Middle Eastern market is also producing double digits for them and Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) isn’t struggling. Sure, they stumbled a bit on the stock market but they instantly recovered in a period of two days. This shows the strength of Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) and the faith the investors have in it. Theinvestors should be happy about the fact that Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) is surging in its main market and also sailing smoothly in a fast growing market like China.

This means that the management for Honeywell (NYSE:HON) is conservative but conservative and no excitement is always better than excitement around a stock and them underperformance. Thats why Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) isn’t placing large bets on Europe; it prefers to remain conservative there; and though it risks losing a considerable portion of the market it is still better than experimenting and incurring losses.

This keeps Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) from being on the negative side of the fence. Being overpromising can surely play against a company. Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) isn’t only playing safe, it’s playing smart and that doesn’t change the fact that the company is rolling ahead safely in the black. Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) also has its finger dipped in lucrative sectors such as clean energy, energy efficiency, security and customer productivity along others.

It has kept its costs in check, which is always a good decision. The analysts that predicted the downfall of Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) are now claiming that in the coming years Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) will grow enormously. It’s high goals and conservative measures have made it a strong contender for bringing in better-than-expected profits. Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) is also strong in its core activites and organic sales.

They have grown by 5 percent in their core operations which means that Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) doesn’t only depend upon previous mergers or acquisitions, its base operations are strong enough to generate profitable revenue. A meltdown or not, happy investors or not; nothing is keeping Honeywell International (NYSE:HON) from making profits. If a company can make profits even after it gets struck by a 52 week low, then one thing is sure that it’s a company worth taking seriously.