Honda’s (NYSE:HMC) Civic Type R


Currently Honda (NYSE:HMC) is not very comfortable with revealing the production version of the all new Civic Type R; however it is expected that we will hear about their very new idea at the Paris Auto Show 2014; to be held this week. It is expected that the whole idea behind the design of the car may give the customer an insight into the specifications of the car itself. This new car is expected to be released first in the European market next year.

A brand new 2.0 liter, four cylinder engine, which will be turbo charged and direct injected will be the in-charge of power. This engine is rated at the horsepower greater than 276. There has been a whisper about the final figure, which says that it will be about 320 hp. This will not come as a surprise to anybody because the prototypes of this new model are being compared with the Mercedes Benz A45 AMG – which is 355-hp.

The engine is also going to support the VTEC, variable timing technology from Honda (NYSE:HMC) and also the redline of 7000 rpm. It will be a front wheel drive and it has been assured by Honda (NYSE:HMC) that the only transmission will be a six speed manual. It is further believed that this option has been selected by the developers because they intended to give their clients the maximum amount of amusing driving experience. It is still not sure whether this will make the car less desirable to an average consumer.

The engineer from Honda (NYSE:HMC), Mr. Suehiro Hasshi has explained, that the manual transmission was given to make sure that the drivers will have the liberty to choose the gear according to their will. For instance, when they are turning a corner and they want to get down to third from the fifth, Honda (NYSE:HMC) has ensured that they can.

This new car will be the first model from Honda (NYSE:HMC) to have the availability of ‘+R mode’. A button is installed next to the steering wheel, which enables the user to activate the +R mode and after that the torque mapping of the engine is adjusted according the requirements of the client. Along with that, the suspension dampers and the steering is also adjusted to ensure maximum performance. Four levels of adjustments are provided for the dampers that will provide an amazing experience similar to that of a race car.

The activation of the +R mode will allow the car to turn into something like a slick sports car and the driver will enjoy all the thrills and chills of racing; according to Hasshi.

Nothing has yet been said about the performance specification by the Honda (NYSE:HMC) company. It is being said that the Civic Type R car is expected to be faster as compared to the other Type R of any kind that was released in the past. It is expected to outdo even the NSX Type R, which was sold in Japan in 90’s.