Hewlett-Packard company (NYSE:HPQ) takes a leap further in the world of technology


It seems that it’ll be HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY (NYSE:HPQ), not Apple, which will be the first technology corporation to create a nexus between reality and technology. While analysts were rooting for Retina screen iMac to be the desktop pc that will evolve the computing world, HP (NYSE:HPQ) is far ahead when it comes to taking technology closer to reality.  In the past years we have seen devices such as Google Glass and the Oculus Rift headset taking us further in the realm of technology.

HP (NYSE:HPQ) has announced a computer which will be distinct in the world of desktop computers. The computer will be called ‘Sprout’ PC. The distinct factor of Sprout would be that instead of a mouse and a keyboard, you’ll just have to tap the screen of your monitor. It’ll be attached to a 3D computer scanner pad which will enable the user to scan any object into the computer, getting a 3D image of that particular object.

So what else makes Sprout PC better than what Apple is offering? HP (NYSE:HPQ) has announced a 3D printer, stated for 2016 release which will offer the user to print in 3D whatever they scan. So by 2016, there will be a printer in the market that will print the 3D object you just scanned in the very same dimensions. HP (NYSE:HPQ) claims that 3D printing will cost less than the usual printing and help in creating a larger scope in the market.

The Sprout PC will come with a 23 inch touch screen called The Illuminator, which will have a build-in DLP projector and a 14MP camera. The keyboard and mouse will be replaced by a flexible 20-inch Touch Mat, the uses of which we have already described. However, the keyboard and mouse can be connected to the Sprout as well. The Sprout PC will have a healthy Corei7 processor. The Illuminator’s projector will beam the Windows interface onto the mat from where the user will be able to access the computer, so as you see there isn’t really a need for a keyboard and a mouse as such.

This camera will capture the objects and documents whihc you place on the mat. Additional features include latest apps, latest games, literal drawing and painting. You can even play chess with actual pieces on a projected board. HP (NYSE:HPQ) started working on Sprout five years ago, which eventually evolved after a string of hits and misses. HP (NYSE:HPQ) executives claim that they didn’t really know the potential of the PC and some of the features were stumbled upon midway during experimentation.

HP (NYSE:HPQ) confessed that at one point the project got so complicated that the management decided to shelve it altogether. But after excessive hard work of the engineers, Sprout was brought back to life by blending scanning and imaging with the computer concept. Sprout might not be the next big thing considering the fast pace with which technology is moving, but it certainly is something that needs attention.

The innovation HP (NYSE:HPQ) has brought into the world of computing and technology as it is will serve as a platform for future devices, devices that will be technologically superior and convenient to use. After all, that’s what consumer technology is all about.