HD Supply (NASDAQ:HDS) Looks Investor Friendly


Supply Holding Inc. (NASDAQ:HDS) has announced the pricing of its secondary offering on Thursday, before the market opened. It has been fixed at $27.30 to public on a hefty 40.66 million shares. This is quite close to the 20% figure that represents the stock that came into the market today. The IPO raised in June came up to $957 million. This was after the sale of 53.2 million, with each selling at $18. This number may seem insignificant number of shares, but the remarkable per share price has returned $1.1 billion.

The sole underwriter for this purpose is Barclays. The company reported the outstanding shares of 195.79 million on Nov. 2, 2014. The company hasn’t been giving out dividends and there is no strategy that says otherwise in the future as well.

According to the news, HD Supply (NASDAQ:HDS) is not expected to receive any part of the proceeds from the sold shares. These will be received only by the shareholders. Currently the shareholders on sale are:

  • Carlyle Partners V L.P. and relating funds offer 18.29 million shares.
  • Clayton, Rice Fund VII L.P. and relating funds offer 18.29 million shares
  • 8.15 million shares offered by THD Holdings LLC

In its own words, HD Supply (NASDAQ:HDS) describes itself as one of the leading industrial distributor in the North American region. The company also claims to have a strong place in three particular market categories that it claims to be a specialist in. these three are Maintenance, Repair and Operations; Specialty Construction; and Infrastructure and Power. The company boasts that it is mostly the preferred brand in the market for individual consumers as well as grouped communities. HD Supply (NASDAQ:HDS) enjoys quite a fame and trust of its consumers in its active market locations.

HD Supply (NASDAQ:HDS) is a company that is driven by fast action precession,  active teamwork, trusted third party contributors as well as other relationships, excellence in all processes undertaken, and shared focus. These are aspirations that keep the company a central drive in this market and gives peers food for thought on how to improve their business prospects to gain better figures. HD Supply (NASDAQ:HDS) top lead is quick to point out that the company enjoys a good set of employer population that works as a team and achieve set targets for each fiscal quarter. Furthermore, its sheer centralized focus in its scope is what sets it as a success story and a stiff competitor for other companies that exercise similar trades.

HD Supply (NASDAQ:HDS) has always succeeded in keeping its investors pleased by awarding them with good value for their invested capital. All these features have helped in keeping the company at par in this competitive market.

HD Supply (NASDAQ:HDS) shares closed at 1.6% at $28.23 on Wednesday. The premarket announcement dipped shares to nearly 1.8% at $27.72, right after the market opened. The analysts agreed at price target on a 52-week period trading range of $20.59 to $30.46 at $33.00. The market capitalization has been agreed at $5 billion.