Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Android 5.0 Lollipop


On June 25, this year, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) introduced its most impressive Android update so far. The Android 5.0, also known as Lollipop; comes with additional remarkable features both on the outside and inside. Its most dramatic addition is the Material Design that is built around user interface. It’s a language design that focuses and plays on shadows and colors. Its marketing campaign described this feature as fluid with purposeful motion. It provides a bold, colorful and responsive UI design for an extraordinary experience. It comes packed with natural motions and realistic lights and shadows that make navigation easier and unforgettable on user device. Extra features involve vivid colors, edge to edge imagery and typography.

It also has impressive battery features. The battery saver extends to 90 minutes for use. The estimated time left till the battery runs out and time the battery has been charged for, are featured in Lollipop.

The security features include protection of data through encryption, in case of theft. Also, better protection is provided against malwares and viruses.  In terms of connectivity, it offers better internet connection and powerful Bluetooth connection.

As far as Runtime and Performance are concerned, a faster and smoother experience is guaranteed. The performance speed is up by 4 times. A smoother UI experience for visually rich apps is a highly attractive addition to the new Android.

Its plus point is that unlike iPhone users, Android users aren’t bombarded with software updates regularly. It’s dependent on user desire for an update. The actual release date for Android 5.0 is still uncertain, but initiatives for its installments have already started.

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Nexus 6 is among the first ready to install Android 5. Nexus 4 and 5 will also receive the software update. Even though the launch date isn’t accurate, it is expected to be November 3.

HTC (TPE:2498) spokesperson Jeff Gordon tweeted that HTC (TPE:2498)’s One M8 and One M7 both will have access to Android 5.0., and the software update will be available on both sets within the first 90 days of its release.

Motorola (NASDAQ:MTLF) is introducing Android 5.0 on most of its devices, including Moto X, Moto G, Moto G LTE, Moto E, Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra and Droid Mini.

Samsung (NASDAQ:SSNLF) on the other hand, hasn’t made any official statements regarding the software update as yet. According to speculation, Galaxy 5 and Galaxy Note 5 will both have access to Android 5.0 Lollipop. There is a high possibility of the software update on Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, respectively.

LG has also kept quiet on the matter. But rumors according to GSM Arena and PhoneArena are that LG G4 will offer Android Lollipop before the end of the year and G2 will have it available early next year.

As all these mobile companies seem eager to make Android Lollipop a part of their mobile experience, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) hasn’t given an actual date for its release. The new Android 5.0 lollypop is expected to give other tech giants severe competition.