Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Map’s New Feature Includes Explore, Fast Replacing Yelp


Google Maps has taken the smartphone market by a storm and has recently introduced yet another amazing feature by the name of Explore. It is a tool like Yelp that lets the users know the reviews and rates of all the surrounding places. Explore is not like your regular white or yellow pages that just give you numbers and names; it surveys gives you the best options available in your surrounding areas. You can get options in best places to drink and eat shop or play and even sleep. After getting a list from Explore you can then choose the one based on the reviews of that place by using the reviews option offered by Explore. The review options became possible because of Google’s purchase of Zagat that has all the reviews; these reviews are also combined with the reviews generated by Goggle rankings.

Explore is best to be used on tablets, such as iPad and others that have slightly bigger screen that can allow all the information to be displayed at once. It can also be used on other sized screen, but with smaller screen you will have to scroll up and down.

Explore has also some other interesting features, such as on-the-fly navigations that can direct you through traffic without having to constantly interact with Explore. Google also gives the option of maps that can be accessed offline on iOS.

Google Explore can be used on almost all devices, even PCs. With its visual innovation, Explore makes it difficulties for its users to turn back to its competitor Yelp.