Google Glass (NASDAQ:GOOGL) being banned from Theatres by threat of illegal usage


It has been reported that movie maniacs won’t be able to watch movies at US cinemas with Google Glass (NASDAQ:GOOGL) anymore. This is due to the reason that movies may be recorded during a show; their usage in this illegal activity will hurt the movie industry in the long run. Both the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) have prohibited Google Glass (NASDAQ:GOOGL) usage because they think this might aid in recording movies which is completely illegal.

This news has been reported by Variety. Being the center of attention for quite some time now, Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Glass (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has done much in expanding its consumer market. However, there has been uncertainty regarding what the public experiments will result in with the help of this device. A person was also detained in Columbus, Ohio this year by the FBI during “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” who was caught using Google Glass (NASDAQ:GOOGL) illegally.

This device may be dangerous compared to smartphones, tablets, cameras and other technology combined as its use has led it to be banned in a few bars in Las Vegas and casinos in the city. A few movie theatres have also started to ban Google Glass (NASDAQ:GOOGL).  It all depends on how knowledgeable companies are regarding the device which will in turn help them understand that it can be used in a positive or negative way which will either hurt their company image or boost it.

NATO and the MPAA have reported that the Google Glass (NASDAQ:GOOGL) not be used while inside movie theatres. This report has been released on a joint notice by both groups and strict action should be taken regarding users who still try to sneak the devices in. The joint policy of the group states that it does welcome new technology as well as recognize consumer interest in intelligent devices like smartphones and other wearable devices.

However, this particular device may be hurting the movie business which cannot be tolerated under any circumstance. The policy also states that the efforts help in ensuring that movies not be recorded as there is a zero-tolerance policy regarding recording devices being used during a movie showing. Phones and other devices should be turned off while watching a movie as the policy states so. Movie theatres are taking strict action regarding Google Glass (NASDAQ:GOOGL) especially.

This may affect Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) all in all but it will help the consumers and movie owners in the long run as piracy felony and privacy issues won’t occur respectively. It may not be understood by consumers now, but they don’t know how this policy is a blessing for all those who would have had to go through law suits if any sort of piracy issue was to be found. Therefore Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) may have to make sure that consumers purchase more of the device by using it in other circumstances which do not involve any sort of illegal activity.