Google, Amazon and Yandex sued by Perfect 10


A Russian search engine Yandex NV (NASDAQ:YNDX)’s Dutch operator has convinced the Californian Federal Court to disregard an infringement suit with perfect 10’s infringement claims filed by an adult-content photos’ publisher.

The verdict was given by William Alsup, the United States District Judge on 12th of July. He said that Perfect 10’s copyright infringement claims against Yandex did not have enough evidence to support the case. Yandex is the host to copies of images that are uploaded by users. These images become publisher’s property without any authorization.

Perfect 10 has also filed a copyright infringement suit against Google and Amazon.

Perfect 10’s argument claims that even though a server located in Russia hosts the content that is allegedly infringed, but under the US Copyright Law the content is still infringed by Yandex as it can be downloaded within the US.

William Alsup disregarded Perfect 10’s claims saying that copyrighted images’ display outside of the US cannot be called a copyright violation only because the content can be downloaded within the US from servers located outside of the US.

Judge Alsup also said that this suit would disregard the territoriality inherent concept of the Copyright Act when it comes to the internet.