General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) poised to convert landfill sites into recycling facilities


General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) has stated that it has converted 11 more facilities into landfill-free sites, accumulating the total to almost 122 facilities. General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) is adamant on recycling their waste rather than dump it in open sites.

These sites would be dedicated to get rid of the waste dumps and recycle them into making energy. General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) is aiming for 125 landfill free sites by the start of 2020. The effort was started back in 2005; the sites include manufacturing and nonmanufacturing sites in Asia, Europe and North America and South America.

In a press conference, General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) plant manager claimed that not a single bit of waste is dumped on landfill sites.  Auto Industry has stepped up altogether to curb the large heaps of waste and creating useful energy resources out of them. The Wyoming factory is among the 11 facilities that have been converted by General Motors Company (NYSE:GM). The plant employed 550 hourly paid workers along with 150 employees that were salaries.

Most of the recycling at the Wyoming plant is focused on recycling and reusing oil that lubricates machinery while making engine parts. Grinding wheels are also recycled as sandpaper by the plant. The Wyoming plant also collaborates with a partner that recycles wastewater into a source of fuel for building material industry.

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) believes that recycling helps in increasing the efficiency of operations and the conserved vital resources play a big part in making new vehicles. That is right; you can recycle the waste and invest the resources into something productive, like General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) and use them in making new cars. Now we know why wastage is a huge monetary loss in an ugly disguise around the world, wasting so many resources.

Waste Reduction’s Global Manager of General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) said that General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) makes sure that the waste isn’t dumped off. Even if it’s an ounce of waste, it is useful. Auto Industry has started to realize that now and they are all taking measures to reproduce something out these heaps of wastage.

The other factor involved in the equation is health. Waste heaps certainly are injurious to health and can lead to numerous chronic diseases. Auto Industries are aware of the wastage and pollution caused by their plants. They are also aware about what can be done with the waste material which would be useful in the longer run. It is the beauty of the Auto Industry that not only they are indirectly catering to health but their own business as well by recycling waste material.

The drive for zero waste is also a business case. As aforementioned, these recycled products are used in future operations. As far as the Auto Industry is concerned, there is a lot of money at stake and wastage can’t be an option in that case. Here’s hoping that factories and plants all around the world learn a thing or two from the General Motors Company (NYSE:GM)’ initiative.