General Electric Company (NYSE:GE)’s Monogram Pizza Oven To Help You Cook Pizza In Two Minutes


General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) just unveiled their new Monogram Pizza Oven which will reach 800 degrees or more. Most standard ovens struggle to attain 550 degrees making it impossible to bake anything, which requires higher than this temperature.

This new Monogram Pizza Oven can easily be installed in any kitchen and will use a standard outlet of 240 volts. It is short in height with no special venting. This basically means that this oven can be virtually used anywhere.

This oven has the ability to attain 800 degrees temperature within only half an hour of preheating. It has 14 heating elements, which can rocket this temperature to 1,200 degrees. With this temperature, you only need two minutes to bake Neapolitan-style pizza. GE keenly researched on the optimum temperatures for baking the best pizza. They made a digital pizza, which they sent to legendary restaurant pizza oven to test their temperatures.

This digital pie had thermocouples, which enabled it to measure the three forms of heat. These are conduction, radiation and convention. By capturing this, they had the right ideas about which are the optimum temperatures for baking some of the best pizza in the world. They later one used this data to create the Monogram Pizza Oven.

One of the central questions in customer mind is that this oven will definitely make their kitchen outrageously hot. The lack of exterior venting definitely means that circulating hot air will get back to your kitchen through the 4-inch vent, which is at the top of the oven. GE put the record straight by saying that the oven has an air curtain, which is supposed to prevent inside air inside from spilling out through the doorless entrance though the kitchen will definitely get hot to certain degrees.

General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) also stated that there is an upcoming smartphone app, which could be used to set the temperature apart from using the touchscreen on the outside of the oven.

Though this oven is a must have for all, one will have to pay $9,900 for it.