General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) initiates “Unimpossible Missions”


General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) has initiated a campaign called “Unimpossible Missions” whose aim is to showcase what takes place behind the firm’s remarkable technology.

The campaign is a collaborative effort between General Electric Company and its long-term partner Banco Bradesco S.A. (NYSE:BBDO). The campaign involves three bit-sized informative videos that also have an entertainment aspect to them. The videos received interesting names that are based on old sayings. They include “Talking to a wall,” “Catching lightning in a bottle,” and “a snowball’s chance in hell.” The campaign has done its best to breathe some life into the three sayings based on the names.

GE’s CMO Linda Boff stated that the company is constantly seeking new avenues of talking about the work that goes into the making of its tech as well as the amazing science that is involved in the processes. Boff also stated that the company is constantly thinking of the next step and the next product to offer to the world through its technology. It also focuses on how to tell their story and the products into their marketing strategies.

The company’s chief creative officer Andy Goldberg stated that the videos represented important content that people want to consume, watch, read, or listen to. He also added that the strategy was an efficient recruitment tool to prepare the next generation of potential employees. Goldberg was speaking during an interview with Adweek.

He further added that it is every brand’s goal to figure out what peaks the interest of its audience, what they want to see and their engagement behaviors. He stated that a firm’s content becomes more than marketing when the firm can express its identity to its customer through an enjoyable experience.

The partnership with BBDO is aimed at giving a presentation that showcases the firm’s determination to overcome what would otherwise be termed as impossible through its products and the technology used to make them. The videos about the idioms were the best idea presented on how to achieve the aim of the campaign.