FTC Drills Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) About Health Data Protection


According to the latest on Reuters, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has asked Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) to ensure safety and protection of the health data collected for users of smartwatch and several other devices. This is to ascertain that this personal data is not used without the users consent.

Several sources have revealed that Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) executives have held meetings with the officials at FTC at numerous occasions to discuss the steps it has taken to ensure user data protection. They further discussed that this data will be protected from the prospect of a probable sale to third party elements. The company has been working with several security commissions to make sure that user data is kept safe. Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) spokespersons have shown their satisfaction for the support and help the company received from these agencies.

Apple (NASDAQ:APPL)’s latest HealthKit API lets users decide how the app collects their private data. Also, users have complete independence to choose data that they want shared. According to Turdy Muller, spokesperson for Apple (NASDAQ:APPL); the HealthKit was programmed to address all user data protection issues.

FDA has gone into understand all aspects of the smartwatch. This app has the ability to record pulse rate and other health related data. Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) is quite confident that its app will be able to make a market for the health related digital services. This market is sure to draw other big brands, with the likes of Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) joining the ranks.

FTC has been showing a lot of interest in health related data that is not being collected for medical purposes. Such apps recording health related data is drawing a lot of scrutiny in light of past scandals about tech giants compromising user data to security agencies without the knowledge and consent of the users.

Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) is making sure that, this time the company gets it right and has employed services of a data protection lawyer in this regard. Apple (NASDAQ:APPL)’s efforts with regards to ensuring customer data protection are being noticed by some experts who feel that the company is setting good standards in securing user data, and other entrants into this market will have to be par with the tech giant to satisfy the agencies like FTC. What can be appreciated of Apple (NASDAQ:APPL)’s app infrastructure is that developers have made sure that the app asks for user permission, each time any data is saved up, and the collected data id encoded against malware and potential hacks.

FTC may not seem to be launching a formal investigation into these apps, but its interest in the matter shows that it will continue to keep a keen eye to make sure that things go according to plan. FTC has refused to make a comment on the matter officially, but a few officials have released informal statements to confirm the interest these apps are generating for the agency.

Tech giants might find themselves in turbulent waters in this regards, if they fail the data protection test.