Ford (NYSE:F) Decides to Recall its Fusion Models


Fusion coded as the CD388 is the first generation mid-sized vehicle produced by the multibillionaire Ford (NYSE:F); one of the big threes. Fusion’s production started on the 1st of August and was given the award of motor trend of the year. The car gave some of the best positive results while crash testing. The second generation came later in 2008. Ford (NYSE:F) also used fusion model designs for its vehicles used in Nascar 2006. The Fusion project according to the company was a success which exceeded their target of selling 30,000 cars during the first quarter of 2006.

However fusion project has become more of a liability to the company because of its key ignition issues. The company announced its decision on Tuesday following the technical problem of the removal of keys. The key can only be removed almost 30 minutes after switching off of the engine ignition or if the car is parked in gear. If the hand brake is not pulled this increases some serious safety concerns especially according to the US safety regulations.

It can cause the cars to unexpectedly roll away causing some serious accidents. The company says that up till now they have been unaware of any accidental incidents and the dealers are instructed to proceed with the recalling procedure with no cost to the owners. The recall will approximately cover 65,000 vehicles from all over US Canada and Mexico. The problem is caused due to the programming fault in the sedan models.

Most affected are the 2014 and 2015 year sedan models including the primary Energi and hybrid versions. According to Ford (NYSE:F) 56,500 vehicles will be recalled from the US alone, about 6000 from Canada and 2350 cars from Mexico. The fusion has up till now the best selling record in the Ford (NYSE:F)’s portfolio and made 250,000 sales in this October only, with an increase of around 20% since the last 10 months.

According to the official spokesman Kelli Felker of Ford (NYSE:F), the company will bear all the costs and will be exempting costumers from any further expenditures whatsoever. He said that they have notified the customers already that the fix will be done and no additional costs will be charged from them. Like other automobile industries Ford (NYSE:F) has also suffered a decrease in sales this year and now would have to bear the costs of this key ignition failure issue.

The problem can seriously affect Ford’s market if it doesn’t avoid this technical failure in the future. However other safety issues are fault with its airbag system, loose front of the seatback, a potential fuel leak problem, a fault with the steering gear internally, leaking of fluids due to engine overheating. The head lamp cover can also become very hazy sometimes, and one of the wheel stud might break with the vehicle rolling without warning.