Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) experimenting of two new innovative technologies


Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) hopes to work out a state-of-the-art Car Steering system. For this purpose Ford Motors is currently experimenting in Belgium on two types of technologies; first will enable the steering wheel to turn automatically in order to avoid hitting pedestrians or nearby people while on the road. The second will allow the driver to park the vehicle without actually being in it. However, so far these technologies are in experimental phase and will not be launched in the US market anytime soon.

The automatic parking, will allow the driver to get out of the car and then park it with the push of a button, which will be a part of an automatic parking aid system. This parking technology is expected to be a great success in Europe where parking prices are extremely high. The technology is even ahead of Ford’s parallel parking facility.

Ford Europe’s Vice president, Barb Samardzich says that this technology is an effort to help reduce the stress of parking and driving for all Ford owners. There are many brands that already offer automatic car brake systems that stop the car automatically upon coming in close contact to objects and people. Ford’s technology will be different as it will change the car’s direction to stop the impact.

The system will function by first warning the driver in case of a possible collision and incase the driver fails to do anything about it the system will automatically stop or steer the car away to prevent the collision. The system uses three radars, ultrasonic sensors and a camera for scanning and warning the driver.

In the premarket shares of Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) were up by 0.48% ($16.89).