Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) banks on hot prospects in China


China has become the cash den for Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F). It continues to turn profit in large heaps and every year it gets better. This year, after eight months, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) sold 717,537 units and got up by 30 percent from the same time period last year. In July Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) got upped by 25 percent while in June they elevated by 17 percent. Things seem to be getting better for Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) as time goes by.

935,813 units were sold by Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) in China last year and this time the aim is 1 million sales.  Their sales jumped to a gigantic 49 percent last year. Now it is speculated that they’ll go up by as much as 50 percent or more.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has been rolling out model after model resulting in the high growth rate and high rate of gains. Analysts speculate that with the progression of the year the sales will start to get dull.

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) and Volkswagen are currently the leading automobile brands in China, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) followed them a bit late. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s aim of 1 million sales is by no means less but it’s 5 percent less than the overall automotive market.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) expects to get 40 percent of its revenue from China by year. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) will start rolling out 1.2 million units by next year, which is twice the amount they made 2 years ago.

Chinese automobile market is grand. It made 22 million unit sales last year and it’s going to get better with time. In contrast, U.S made somewhat 15.5 million which is way less than China. Chinese market is still hot and has a lot of prospects to offer to other companies. U.S is still recovering from the recession numbers and is close to getting the old digits back. Industry wide sales are usually 6-7 percent annual growth but Chinese market has risen upto 8 percent. Every single percent translates to heaps of money.

The automobile market’s base is usually low end cars, and when the market is tough enough, when it has consolidated- luxury cars are announced which are little in number but very significant when it comes to making major money. Of course not everyone can afford Ford cars but car enthusiasts and bureaucrats prefer nothing less.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) will be planning its Lincoln brand in China by next year. The Chinese have great affinity for a new business opening up. It’s always a good bet to open a new firm or company or a business in China and see it grow thoroughly with time.

China isn’t the old China anymore; it’s rising as fast as any country. Their rate of growth is almost twice than other markets and the prospects it provides are very lucrative. It is like a gold mine discovered by minors and now they’re stuffing themselves with Gold.