Foot Locker, Inc. (NYSE:FL) Reveals The New Names At Its Helm


Foot Locker, Inc. (NYSE:FL) has announced the names of the people taking over its leadership positions.

Foot Locker’s president and CEO Richard Johnson announced that Lewis P. Kimble will be the new vice president and CEO of International business while Stephen D. (Jake) Jacobs will assume the vice president and CEO positions of the company’s division in North America. The newly appointed officials will both take over their new positions on February 29.

Mr. Johnson stated in a press release that both Kimble and Jacobs have performed exceptionally in the teams that they have been leading towards the execution of the firm’s primary objectives geared towards its strategic plan.

He further commented that the two have been vital resources towards the company’s excellent performance over the past few years. Johnson further added that he was pleased to make the announcement about the board’s decision to honor the two individuals with their highly deserved promotions.

Jacobs has been working at the company for 18 years. He also has experience in leadership because he previously served in a CEO position as well as holding down a presidential position at the firm. He is therefore expected to have no problem manning the helm of the company’s division in North America.

Lew Kimble has been working in the firm for 40 years. He was also appointed as the president and CEO of the European division in 2010 and before that he was Foot Locker Asia’s managing director. His new position as the company’s international president and chief executive, therefore, suits him. This means that the leaders of every Foot Locker division located outside North America will report directly to Kimble.

Mr. Kimble spoke in response to the promotion and expressed a lot of gratitude for the opportunity presented to him by the board. He also stated that the company’s new organization structure will boost the company’s drive towards an aggressive strategy aimed at European expansions for both its physical stores as well as online platforms.