Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) Q3 report expected to be released on 30th October, 2013


It is expected that after the day’s market close on 30th October, 2013 Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will report its results of the third quarter. The company will also hold an important conference call about its 2013 accomplishments and challenges faced during the year on the very same day. Since its IPO, the current year has been one of the most lucrative for Facebook.

Facebook has taken 2013 to work even harder to make this social network an open platform where people can openly and easily connect and share with each other. It has become the leading network for staying connected to family and friends in every corner of the world.

It is expected that the third quarter report will also reveal Facebook’s higher revenue growth that became possible through mobile ads. Facebook has also left Twitter behind, which is its biggest rival in mobile advertisements. Twitter’s IPO is also considered to be a perfect example of Twitter imitating Facebook’s success story.

Mobile phones are perhaps the biggest market for business for many companies these days. With the advent of smartphones and hand-held tables, laptops and PCs have lost their former sales growth. That is why most of the advertisers are focusing on mobile advertisements due to the mass use of this hand held device. To handle all this competition Facebook will have to work extra hard to create effective mobile advertisement. However, mobile phones are a tricky platform for advertisement because not many users are patient enough to let the ad load. Therefore, Facebook will have to rely on the speed of each phone’s internet connect for the success of its mobile advertisement.