Facebook (NYSE: FB) Introduces ‘Atlas’, A New Service for Advertisement


It is a common concept that search engines provide the most reliable platforms for advertisement; Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) being the best example. Facebook (NYSE: FB) has tried its best to change this typical concept – even though it had to overcome many obstacles to prove that the marketing done through social media websites is comparable to the marketing of search engines. There is still a lot of difference between the corresponding earnings of Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Facebook (NYSE:FB).

Facebook (NYSE:FB) however, has succeeded in inspiring Wall Street (NASDAQ) by showing a huge success in the market of mobile advertisment. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that smartphones are going to become the most efficient way of advertising in near future! This is the reason why Facebook (NYSE: FB) has tried another strategy to increase their market value; they have introduced a new version of their ‘Atlas’. The company believes that this platform will be quite impressive for marketers.

Although no proper definition for Atlas has surfaced, the president of the new advertising platform introduced by Facebook (NYSE:FB), Erik Johnson, tried to give a brief description of this new service. He stated that changing trends have affected the customer’s behavior. People are getting increasingly interested in smart devices now; which has changed the purchasing patterns of consumers. He mentioned the flaws in cookies when they are used simply on mobile phone; which is the main reason why the technology today is not good enough for advertisement and marketing. These cookies give inaccurate statistical data and cannot even calculate the customer purchases channel properly; that channel could be between browsers, smartphone devices or when one is offline.

Atlas however is going to act as a connection between the marketers and people across different fields and devices. It will provide marketing based on varying people – making this a great way to solve the problem of different devices. People will then be able to measure and target the advertisements across different devices. The biggest advantage provided by Atlas is that it can connect the sales going offline with online movements. This will be proof that online movements can help increase the sales and reach targeted goals.

Atlas has been programmed in a completely new way, with its interface complementing today’s requirements of busy schedules and heavy trafficked websites. This service has built-in features of measurement and targeting. Other than that, cross device advertisement has also been made possible by introducing new techniques of assessing media conduct so that their performance can be measured and reported on a regular basis. Eventually, this data will be a valuable asset to improve the budget and enhance decision making.

Facebook (NYSE: FB) made a smart move by providing a demonstration of the service. The company introduced some customers who had already decided to use Atlas. PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP) and Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) have tested the new service according to some reports, and Facebook (NYSE:FB) will announce the results once these companies are done with testing.