Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) to Launch its New ‘Facebook at Work’


Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is now working on a new plan. The company (NASDAQ:FB) is going to start workplace collaboration and a messaging service called Facebook at Work. Analysts believe that this process could start pretty fast but the social networking giant is facing certain hindrances which are slowing down its speed. Moreover, the company (NASDAQ:FB) could also encounter problems regarding the management of security and its mobile services.


Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) latest service will be released shortly and is expected to gain even greater popularity than the prevailing services in the market. However, the company (NASDAQ:FB) will have to see a lot of ups and downs with changing attitudes and un-predictable behaviors. In fact any such new introduction has to go through this phase uncertainty. However, according to Financial Times’ reports, this new service will allow document collaboration and enterprise chats.


This will also provide a more decent working environment than the usual Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) website, but Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) at the moment seems to be silent over this issue. The reason could be the different trials awaiting the launch in the coming year. Moreover, business experts all over the world have been waiting for this. In fact, Thibodeaux, a president and chief executive at CompTIA said that he was expecting this great news for quite a long time.


He added that Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) users have been looking for a service for this sector for a long time now, and now that the company has finally decided, the results will be quite outstanding. However, experts think that the company would need to consider some security issues along with return certainty for investors. An average Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) user will not experience much of a change but the matter is very serious as well as risky for investors.


In fact some FB (NASDAQ:FB) CIO’s are totally against the idea and they fear the risk of handling this type of data and if  Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) will be able to manage its key status of a social website. Moreover, several cloud computing companies have faced the following issue so their argument is justified. However, companies will avoid Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) as it could become a distraction for their employees and may result in a serious loss in productivity for the company.


However, the mobile service of Facebook at Work will certainly help in boosting its growth. The recent acquisition of Whatsapp has also added a few stars to Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) mobile service sector. In fact, large companies are also in the process of starting a service like this. For example Microsoft has renamed Lync to Skype for Business and Cisco is launching it Project Squared. All this competition might make way for Facebook at Work owing to Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) prior reputation.


But to make it all worth Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has to make this new service work and provide multinational businesses and enterprises with their needs and analysts suggest that Facebook should think about teaming up with cloud services as well, like Dropbox, to enhance their business.