The world’s largest social network Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has now introduced a new and interesting feature for its users. This new feature is known as “Safety Check”. So, in the case of a natural disaster, the tool will automatically activate and ask for the safety of people present or residing in that area and after confirming their safety the tool will display their status for their friends.


Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is renowned for its out-of-the box ideas and this new feature is also one them. In moments of despair like a natural disaster, everyone is worried about their family and friends. They do almost everything to figure out about the safety of their loved ones. This small step by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) can help out millions of people in tracing the security of their acquaintances.


The tool works in the following manner; if you are present within the effective radius of the calamity, you will receive a notification from fb (NASDAQ:FB) querying about your safety. The tool will figure out your location on the basis of your current location, the location you entered in your information or nearby locations. The Safety Check feature will:


  • Make sure your loved ones know that you are safe or out of danger
  • Assist you in figuring out whether your friends are safe of not
  • And give information about other people within the affected area


In case of an incorrect interpretation by facebook about your location, you can select that you are not in the effected region. In case you are in the effected region, you can mark the “I’m Safe” option, this will now give a notification and news feed story confirming your status.


The idea of integrating this tool in Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) came after the devastating tsunami in Japan in 2011. During this calamity more than 12,500,000 people were affected all over the country. Whereas 0.4 million had to abandon their homelands. During these crucial times we saw many people using the social media mostly fb (NASDAQ:FB) to get in touch with their loved ones in despair.


Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) developers said that during times like these the people immediately refer to Facebook for relief activities and try to connect with their dear ones. These events gave them proper understandings of how people use Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) in times like these and what are their major concerns. For this the organization started working on a “Disaster Management Board” and later it became as the “Safety Check”. Soon the Safety Check will be made available on different platforms like Android, iOS, PC, etc.


Ideas by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) like these will prove substantially helpful for the users and help in interacting with each other in emergencies. The proper operation of this new feature may require some time but the result will be quite beneficial because the pain of not knowing about the safety of their loved ones is truly excruciating.