Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Launches New Search Tool


Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) users are quite use to updates and new features launched on the platform. These are not aimed at adding up to the company revenue, but a source of attracting existent and new users, adding up to the already addictive nature of the e-portal.

In the latest series of updates, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has come up with is a ‘Search’ upgrade, which is not the usual search. This new feature actually enables a user to make search through the newsfeeds that date back to time the account was setup. Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) creator, Mark Zuckerberg announced this feature in February this year. It now features on beta and is expected to make appearance on desktop and iOS for American users.

Users can now search for casual statements that browses through their newsfeed data and generates results from Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) friends. The feature is programed in a way that it generates the most relevant results based on the search criterion. It also looks through the newsfeed that was left unread.

According to analysts, this seems like an apparent feature and should have been introduced a long time ago. However, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) hasn’t been around for years and continues to go through series of transition with each passing day.

This search feature can be a threat to review sites, like RottenTomatoes and Yelp that hosts a huge collection of user comments. It is however, not likely that they will suffer a complete wipe-out on the internet. This is conditional to the status this new app is able to acquire after its launch.

The current search feature that runs on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is quite restrictive in its mechanism. It makes search based entirely on the words typed in the search field. The feature is not able to search via looking for synonyms for the entered criterion. Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) programmers will need to introduce smart features to their search function so that it is able to recognise related newsfeed.

Currently, the function only looks through the newsfeed and leaves comments out. This may leave out significant information that a user may find useful.

Other review sites may not find this feature a threat. This is in accordance with Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)’s history of launching a feature surrounded by hue and cry, which falls flat due to lack of speed and lack of focus from the development team. One such example is the Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Home that was launched to huge fanfare but has failed to catch on with the users. In addition, the Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Paper may have received great reviews from analysts, but even after being in use for a year, it hasn’t been extended beyond US.

The Search feature has been made available to all mobile users. However, it may fail to generate the desired effect if the development team abandons focus on the app, as it will continually need updates and upgrades in response to users’ feedback.

The Search tool leaves a lot to desire and major upgrades will need to be implemented with time.