Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Is To Blame For A Wave of ‘Dark Traffic’ Swamping the Web, But It’s Working On A Fix


The dark traffic is a recent newly emerged problem for the website owners and has become quite a headache for the publishers as well. Normally the Publishers and marketers can identify and tell where there web traffic is coming from whether its direct, through search engines, through social websites like Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), twitter or where ever it is coming from. But this is not it, there are also under the radar data nowadays due to information sharing through IM chat messages and emails.

Then there are also the secured sites which do not collect user information. This is the where the dark side of the traffic generates from. According to a research from chart beat analysts’ the Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)’s mobile apps are mainly responsible for loads of dark unidentified traffic swathes moving towards websites. According to the analysts they already knew that Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) was behind the dark trafficking and is the source of most of the dark trafficking.

However Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) on the other hand is underselling its services according to the analysts. According to them it looks like that the multibillionaire giant is working on a total fix. The dark untraceable traffic was first discovered by the Atlantic’s senior editor Alexis C. Mardigal who named it as the dark social. He found out that more than half of the web traffic was literally untraceable and unidentified. The links shared via online chats, apps, emails rather than through a browser then they can be referred to as the dark traffic.

Chart beat found 65% of the traffic as untraceable and dark averaging about 1.3rd across its network. Majority of the websites like Google analytics, Adobe Omniture and Chart beat have special sections in their reports known as direct, these are the links which the users use to click on links directing to a website. Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is no exception and is one of those websites alongside other sources like Gmail, IM, Reddit etc.

Most of the Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) users access the website through only through mobile apps, while knowing 703million people daily visit the sites using their mobiles, now that is a huge amount of unidentified dark untraceable traffic. Chartbeat this week, started a new method of tracking the dark Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) traffic published a new blog post describing the dark impact of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) mobile apps.

Last month the company used different patterns to track down the dark traffic emerging from Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) mobile app. Madrigal on the other hand also published a recent blog discussing its recent research on the dark trafficking. The Chartbeat after its new findings regarding the dark traffic has started to use the user agent method in which they use a tag of user codes which they leave while visiting a website. The process also reveals the statistics regarding their origination. However most analytics don’t research this deeply and mostly remain unaware of these statistics.