Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) founder to face Angry Neighbours


The founder of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is currently confronting new issues put forth by his neighbours due to the ongoing construction and remodeling of his $10 million house in Dolores Heights.

Zuckerberg and wife, Priscilla Chan – a physician from UCSF – have invested millions of dollars in this 1920s period home which they purchased at 21st and Dolores in San Francisco. This construction of the placed started 17 months ago with almost 40 from 50 development specialists on the main site, as per a story published in the San Francisco Chronicle’s section Matier & Ross.


Their issue goes past the rash of “no parking” signs on 21st Street near Dolores Street that have kept them from stopping outside their own private homes these previous 17 months. Many development specialists, utilizing backhoes and jackhammers are caught up with installing everything from another kitchen to bathrooms and decks and tearing up the walkways for new fiber-optic links that will link with their new home. The ear-splitting noise that is made as a result of this process has been disorganizing their lives and damaging their peace and quiet atmosphere.

This entire disturbance is disrupting the lives of the neighbors badly. They also haven’t been able to park in front of their own houses and this has been causing them extreme discomfort. A man claiming to be the head contractor for the site revealed to the Chronicle that all this clamor and action isn’t abnormal for such a huge venture and his group has gone far beyond to keep the neighbors acquainted with the situation and keeping the pavements clean. This information was delivered to the neighbors in the form of handouts.

These handouts mentioned that four to five parking spaces would be occupied by the construction team so they could easily move their equipment to and from the area. Zuckerberg’s neighbor, Trafton Bean mentioned that this hoarding practice does not appear to be “exactly kosher”. He also claimed that on inquiry he found that the people who were saving the parking spots were college students who were hired by Zuckerberg to do this task. Another neighbor who chose to remain anonymous complained that all this hassle is making it hard for them to function normally and said “it’s hard to talk about it without sounding whiny or like the wealthy need to be punished just because they have money”.

Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have taken out 10 licenses for a huge number of dollars in development work to this house. Following are some of the licenses issued; one license records a $65,000 redesign of the kitchen and six bathrooms. Other licenses include: $720,000 for an office, media room, half washroom, mudroom, pantry, wine room and wet bar, in addition to another second-floor half lavatory and redesign of the second, third and fourth carpets; $750,000 for an expansion to the back and side of the house, reconfigured arranging and window rebuilding work, $25,000 to make the fourth floor legitimately tenable, include a washroom and to transform some piece of the roof into a deck.