Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Recently Announced The Termination Of Parse, But That May Be A Hint To Bigger Things


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) announced a week ago that Parse service was coming to the end of its life.

The announcement hit developers hard because it is the platform that the company uses to generate apps speedily. Parse has been at the center of Facebook’s app development infrastructure for quite some time now. Some analysts believe that the death of Parse may be more beneficial to the community.

The Parse server has accumulated more than 1,000 forks and 5,300 stars during the writing on GitHub. Developers have come together to discuss how the Parse server can be scaled up and how the library can be improved in future. The improvements would provide an avenue to shift to self-hosted situations as well as making way for larger applications.

Fosco Marotto, the developer advocate for Parse, stated that he thought of the Parse server during one of the social network company’s Hackathon. 12 months later it had been transformed into a legitimate project with the help of Parse co-founder, Kevin Lacker.

Parse in the real sense will therefore not be dead but will exist as the Parse server. This means Facebook has decided to hand it over to developers rather than abandoning it altogether. Rather than terminate Parse entirely, Facebook will release it to developers, thus empowering the community. Something that is very rare because when most companies kill a product or service, it is often the end of things.

There are also other benefits to be accrued from the Parse server. For example, the server can be extended to other projects, it can also be used to generate new projects once developers understand how it was built. More than 600,000 individual developers have worked on the platform before and, therefore, there will most likely be adequate interest.

Many developers depend on the service and must, thus, decide the direction to take with the Parse server. It will probably take some time for new releases to pop up.