Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Launches “Sports Stadium”


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Sports Stadium will start at the NFL’s conference championship games followed by the Super Bowl. Subsequent to that the social media company’s first sports product will feature most important sports events around the globe. With Facebook having 1.55 billion users out of which 650 million are sports fans, the social media platform is a natural place to congregate for the type of passionate conversation that happens in any sporting event.

Thanks to Facebook, folk can have that interaction occurring on a global scale. In 2015, Facebook kicked off “Trending Super Bowl” and over 65 million people participated in the conversation globally. The event went on so well that Facebook decided to create its first ever full-fledged sports offering.

As per product manager, Steve Kafka, this complements the sporting dimension, it assists folk develop followings and obtain a wider audience. The full content already exists on Facebook. Folk need not search for it. Facebook takes folk involved with the game such as journalists, the teams, and place all the analysis and content in one location and users can go through it during the game.

Sports is characteristically social and has been so right from the beginning, says Facebook’s Dan Reed. Usually, to view a sporting event, you support for or against, you are viewing it in the context of a real stadium, and the interaction is as important as what is occurring on the field.

The same stuff occurring in the stadium or sports bar are occurring on Facebook, and this lets folk who are disconnected to interact as if they are viewing together.

Users can have conversations with each other obtain real-time stats, a real-time game clock, approved photos as well as videos, and go through commentary from media members.

The goal is to consolidate the content related to particular sport in one place and supply interactive experience for the users. Interested users can discover Facebook Sports Stadium by making a search for a game in the search bar of the social media site. Facebook has stated that the new feature is limited to the iPhone in America, but it intends to expand it to additional platforms in the coming weeks.