Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Is Going To Transform How Global Sports Events Are Watched By Audiences?


As the world gears up to view Super Bowl coming Sunday, a fresh Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) report has disclosed that the quantity of Facebook shares and posts from its users, 15 minutes before the Super Bowl kickoff, assisted in ramping up first-minute TV viewership.

Facebook’s head of global sports partnerships, Dan Reed commented that fan engagement coupled with sharing at a large scale, disbursed to millions more, through Facebook friend networks push up awareness and tune-in for live sports broadcasts.

An addition of one post within the 15-minute timeframe prior to the game led to almost 250 more TV viewers in the first minute while an extra share led to 1,000 more viewers in the same period of time. Also, Facebook posts and shares were responsible for subsequent addition in TV viewership.

For Facebook, the study is yet another reason of why advertisers should treat the platform similar to television. It makes sense for advertisers to spend money advertising on Facebook given its global reach and influence. In the 2015 Super Bowl, 65 million users participated in the Facebook discussion making it the year’s most discussed global sporting event. Indeed, Facebook is a powerful second screen companion to TV a position long claimed by rival Twitter.

The findings of the Facebook-sponsored Nielsen study arrives as the social networking major has introduced Sports Stadium- a dedicated location to experience sports in real-time with friends and the rest of the world. Facebook is the world’s biggest stadium with 650 million sports aficionados. Sports Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) may have a hard time to keep up as Twitter has just 320 million monthly users.

Facebook sports chatter goes down when a game is over as folk turn to their small screens to review what happened in the game. In Facebook’s sports stadium you can view posts from friends and their comments as well as go through commentary from journalists, leagues and teams with unfettered access to their Facebook pages. Viewers can follow the action as the game starts with a live play-by-play and even comment on, like as well as share individual plays.