Emis Group Plc Makes 50% of UK’s Medical Records Compatible With Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s HealthKit


Emis Group Plc (LON:EMIS) announced that it had already made 50% of UK’s medical records compatible with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s HealthKit. This is barely a year since the launch of the HealthKit. What this could mean is that Apple might be a valuable player between patients and their doctors. EMIS is a medical software company which makes web patient record system that is being used by more than half of general practitioners (GPs) surgeries in the UK.

On September 2014, they made the announcement that they had integrated their Apple’s HealthKit with their Patient Access app. This meant that anyone with HealthKit on their iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch could gather their health information e.g. blood pressure and recorded this on their mobile personal record by use of Patient Access. This information can then be shared with their GP, who have the chance to view this information by use of EMIS Web System.

Currently, around 40% of all UK’s citizens own Apple iPhone, and most of them are very likely to be running a compatible version of HealthKit. This means that a large number of citizens have the chance to share their medical data with their health practitioner. About 13,500 people in the UK have created a mobile personal health record using Patient Access and HealthKit. Ben Foster, who is the patient operations observation director, stated this. He also noted that they had made about 4.4 million views in these records but they are not certain how many of these comments were shared between the patients and their system.

Ben Foster also notes that this system is currently being used to give doctors insight into limited conditions rather than giving them the real picture of an individual health. Patients can easily submit their records e.g. blood pressure so that their GP has an idea of how their condition is. In future this system could be used by even those looking to lose weight or even to handle complex conditions such as diabetes.

A recent survey carried out by 130 clinical commissioning group revealed that use of apps to support health of patients could be something quite useful though most of them would like proof that it can actually work. This means that if Apple’s HealthKit and Patient Access App achieve success, then most markets will undoubtedly follow this trend.