Dot 23 Technologies Accuses Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) of Patent Infringement


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s legal team must be having a hard time traveling to courtrooms every now and then. A Texas-based non-practicing entity, Dot 23 Technologies, is now suing Apple for patent Infringement.

The company claims that Apple’s intelligent digital assistant, Siri has violated three of its patents. Dot 23 technologies filed the lawsuit with the Eastern District Court of Texas. The company is seeking acknowledgment that Apple violated its patents and wants to be compensated accordingly. The infringement complaint is related to its voice recognition technology used in Siri. According to the complaint that was filed, the patent infringements relate to voice control wireless telephone among other things.

Some of the Apple’s products that are mentioned in the complaint include iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPhone 6. Dot 23 is now seeking damages as well as attorney’s fees. The allegedly infringed technology can recognize and also process alphanumeric characters that a man speaks. However, though the lawsuit filing is an infringement notification, there is no evidence in Dot 23’s complaint that Apple had known of the three charters before the technology was used in iPhone.

The case has not been assigned to a judge yet. Dot 23’s complaint is somewhat far-fetched and, therefore, there is a high possibility that the allegations will be dismissed. After all, there is a high likelihood that Apple was not aware of the three patents when joint into one system.

Dot 23 technologies claim that Apple had known of the infringement but went forward and used the technology in its devices. However, this information has not been confirmed as true yet.

The judge’s ruling will be the one to confirm if this is patent trolling or a legitimate claim. The court decision will determine whether the suit has any merit. It is only a few days after Apple won a lawsuit against Samsung over the issue of patent infringement. These have been difficult times for Apple in court only that this time it will be acting as the defendant. It is very clear that Dot 23 technologies will not rest until it receives enough money in compensation.