Could Samsung’s (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF) New Galaxy A7 Beat Apple’s iphone?


After the report of earnings of its third quarter, Samsung (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF)  could actually use a smartphone win. n general, the multi international company has posted the smallest possible profit that it has earned in over two years, falling YOY by 49%, to $4 (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF) billion, along with the quarterly wage falling as well by 20% in that period. Headed by a drop of almost 15% in its cell phone business that generated a large portion of Samsung (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF) ‘s income haul in this quarter, the organization greatly disappointed both analysts and investors.

All those looking for an upside in the quarter report were baffled because even the good news came with a caveat. According to IDC, Samsung (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF)  is still the world’s leading smartphone brand when it comes to market share but tragically, the company’s overall market share of all shipments has trickled from 32.5% from last year’s quarter to 23.8%. What is more dreadful than that is that the data shows that Samsung (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF)  shipped out less cell phones in this quarter than from the same quarter last year. Among the other top five contenders, Samsung (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF)  is the only company whose YOY shipments witnessed a drop in the units that were delivered. Samsung (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF)  dispatched 8% lesser units, dropping from 85 million to around 78 million.

With everything taken into account, these main focal points are unforgiving indictments for the cell phone strategies of Samsung (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF) . The company sought after a very strategic and bifurcated game plan with its Galaxy and Galaxy A line going up against Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone (NASDAQ: AAPL) in the top business market. It also competed with companies like Xiaomi, Lenovo, and LG which are basically developing with respect to smartphones. Keeping in mind the end goal, the organization chose to narrow down its cell phone portfolio; but according to the latest report from French site Nowhereelse, Samsung (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF)  isn’t decreasing in the top of the line market.


After the Galax S5 was rolled out with disappointing results, the company presented its Galaxy A series which are set to release in 2015. The most up to date model, the Galaxy A7, was leaked by Nowhereelse this week on internet. This phone boasts a full metal unibody, exactly like the iPhone 6 model, unlike the Galaxy S line build. This phone is actually much slender than the iPhone 6 Plus and is at 6.3 millimeters compared to Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s 7.1 millimeter size with the same 5.5-inch screen display.

Both the phones have 1920 X 1080p resolution, however Samsung (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF)  is now leading with an octa-centre, and also has a 1.5  GHz processer and a RAM of 2GB compared to iPhone’s dual core processor of 1.4 GHz supporting a RAM of 1GB. So on multiple specs, Samsung (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF) ’s new Galaxy A7 is a potential killer of Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone.