Helps Ticket Buyers Transact Securely Through Legally Recognized Contracts


San Francisco, CA – is a new company in the digital e-signature space.  The newest of its kind, the company allows users to create secure contracts that are enforceable in court.

Users simply create a contract, send it over to the other party, and the other party can sign with their signature and browser finger print.  This creates a contract legally enforceable in court.

With over 23,936 users, and 186,322 contracts signed, is building a strong reputation in the industry for being a reliable contract service.

What happens when a party doesn’t uphold their end of the contract?  Let’s say, if an item was defective or a service wasn’t delivered?

“Our dispute resolution success rate is phenomenal, highest in the industry,” said Evan Greens, VP of Customer Sales, “We have a 9 out of 10 win rate, getting funds back to buyers in case of a dispute where the buyer doesn’t receive the goods they purchased.”

One growing market where is popular is the ticket exchange market on Facebook.  The best way to stay safe is requiring sellers to use, become verified by uploading their driver license, and making sure you have mutual friends with the buyer. helps provide another layer of security.  After you create a contract and sign, your digital signature and browser fingerprint is captured and store in the contract.

Legally Binding

This document now becomes legally binding.  If the other party doesn’t deliver the product or service, you can file a dispute, and will refer the case to their team of lawyers.  If a lawyer takes up the buyer’s case, they will sue on behalf of the buyer based on the verified information in the person’s account, taking a 15% fee on wins.  If the amount is less than $5,000, can file in small claims on behalf of the buyer.

Best of all, is 100% free.

The steps are really easy.  First a person selects the template and creates a contract.

Then, the contract gets send to the other party to sign.  Their signature and browser fingerprint is used.

Third, in the event of a dispute, one can dispute the transaction and file a complaint with is rated as the most trusted site to use for ticket transfers according to the international trust rank scale.  Buyers scammed in ticket purchases were able to retrieve their funds after identifying the person and proving that a contract was made.  Having a person become verified deterred scammers, and reduce the amount of scams that occurred.  Before, scams were rampant on the Facebook groups, but with in place, buyers were able to transact with other parties with high feedback and rating.