Chevron (NYSE:CVX) And Others Expected to Impress


The stock market seems to have escaped the murk it went under in May 2009. The current market is up at 200%. However, these highs are not permanent, and anyone with basic market knowledge will be able to agree with the fact that market levels fluctuate without following a particular trend. Hence, this ascend that has been experienced over a five and a half period is not going to last. According to the Jefferies equity team, a 5% gain is expected for next year, which might be disappointing for those who are more used to high annual gains.

The report released by Jefferies renders special focus on stocks, hosted by companies that have viable growth rates and higher dividend profits. Here is a list of companies that have highest projected yield:

Chevron Corp. (NYSE:CVX): investors who wish to linger a little longer in the energy sector can vouch for this stock. With the remarkable dividend yield as well as a progressive pace with regards to liquefied and usual natural gas, investors who are interested to invest in this mammoth opportunity can expect great rewards. That is, if they are able to look beyond the current crisis in the oil market.

Currently, the investors get 3.87% in dividend payments. Thomson and First Call have agreed that stock price target is $32.02. As oil prices seemed to escape the current low trends, market closed on Monday with shares priced at $111.73.

Emerson Electric C0. (NYSE:EMR): analysts believe that this stock will return remarkable yields for investors, come 2015. Apart from an insignificant 0.5 debt-to-equity ratio, the balance sheet for the company boasts impressive figures. The company has managed to maintain dividend yield to investors, and even increased the amount of dividend. The company has recently gone in to contract with Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz Stage 2 development project, as the major automation contractor that is worth $40 million.

The investor are awarded 2.97% in dividend. The analysts have placed price target at $69.96. The market closed at $62.92 per share on Monday.

Lorillard Inc. (NYSE:LO): this company is one of the top contenders in the tobacco industry, and leads the way in menthol cigarette market. According to a latest agreement that federal regulators are still assessing, Reynolds American has purchased Lorillard (NYSE:LO) this summer. The potential deal will seal off at nearly $27 billion. This combination is expected to reward investors with good earnings growth, ensure big dividend, and battle Altria (NYSE:MO), which caused a slump in market share in US.

Investors get a solid 3.9% dividend. Price target is consented at $64, Monday market closed at $63.25. Shareholders are able to generate $68.88 per share that are a combined yield of the two companies.

NutriSystem Inc. (NASDAQ:NTRI): this company always manages to impress, come beginning of each year. This is particularly due to the fact that people do prefer to buy healthy food as a new year’s resolution.

Investors get 3.75% in dividend. Price target is at $21.51, with Monday market close at $18.62.