Articles written by: Leo Aranas

Futures Lurch Higher After Bullish Labor Market Report

Futures Lurch Higher After Bullish Labor Market Report

Fueled by a bullish labor market report, stock futures on Wall Street lunged higher Friday and trimmed earlier gains to set Dow and S&P futures back in the green leading into Friday’s open. The Nasdaq remains negative, weighed down by Amazon (AMZN). The US economy created 304,000 new jobs in […]

Telehealth and Chronic Disease Management

“Chronic diseases account for seven out of ten deaths in the United States, and consume 75 cents of every dollar spent on healthcare,” reports Kenneth E. Thorpe in his 2009 paper Chronic disease management and prevention in the US: The missing links in health care reform. According to the CDC (Centers […]

Telehealth and the Future of Health Care

In an article for Forbes, Harry Wang made this bold claim: Virtual HealthCare Will Revolutionize the Industry, If We Let It. With the advent of the Internet and all the advances in telecommunications, information dissemination is made easier than ever before. Wang pointed out that “connectivity has created many new […]