Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) – The Never Ending Success Story


Every quarter this year we thought Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) has done its best but with the next one we see Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) exceeding its previous results. And since all the results were well above the predicted consensus the company is expecting to do even better in the coming first quarter of 2015 in terms of revenues and net income. These predictions come as no surprise as ever since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch back in September, the company has only been busy producing iPhones to meet the outrageous never-ending demand. This over whelming response of course boast up their confidence for the coming quarters and it wouldn’t come as a shock if they actually achieved these high set revenue predictions.

There was a time when Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) had a guidance sheet which according to many was very conservative and strict. In January 2013 the guidance sheet became less conservative and showed range predictions. To date the same guidance is used to set or predict future figures. The upcoming quarter guidance figures have taken investors by surprise. As the company is expecting a $13,8 billion in its low end which is already strikingly above its previous quarter that summed up with $13.1 billion in total. But the coming quarter prediction is of $13.8 billion at low end, $14.4 billion at midpoint and a huge finish with $15 billion at the high end point. In terms of revenue, the company wants to wrap up the coming quarter with $66.5 billion along with a 38.5% gross margin.

A quick overview of the S&P 500 shows that no company had made above $9.1 billion in a quarter, that’s excluding Apple (NASDAQ:APPL)’s performance from the previous quarter. These include big names of major oil companies too. At this stage it’s difficult to conclude EPS as no one knows how many stock Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) plans to repurchase. But earning well over $9 million could also just be a one time thing.

But having set such a guidance, Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) ought to have a plan going ahead. The biggest problem Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) faced in the previous quarter was meeting demands. As the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus demands went rocket high, the company couldn’t keep up with it. The company CEO Tim Cook agreed to it being their biggest challenge, was not being able to bring close the gap between demand and supply. So according to Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) officials seems like their plan is only at increasing production to meet the demands which are recorded to be the fastest ever even for Apple (NASDAQ:APPL).

Another feature that will have a strong impact on the next quarter is the release of the iWatch. According to ABI Reseach, the company should expect atleast 485 million unit sales this year.

Looking at all that is lined up for Apple (NASDAQ:APPL)it seems like they just might achieve the goals they have set for themselves.