Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone’s New Software has serious security threats


A security company from Germany, Security Research Labs (SRL) claims that Apple’s new iPhone software has a bug that threatens the user’s security. This bug lets hackers hack into the user’s phone by breaking through its safeguard. This allows the hackers to get complete control over the phone and steal personal data, such as email accounts and other important bank account information. The security company also says that hackers have also found a way around iPhone’s fingerprint scanner. Some of these major flaws have been featured on SRL’s website.

SRL says that these flaws were found in iPhone’s SIM Card Technology and have been reported to Apple’s security team. Apple, however is yet to comment on the issue, but it is believed that they are working to fix this security problem.

If SRL’s claims proved to be true, then this would be the fifth security threat present in Apple’s new operating system. Apple solved a few of these issues, while others remained undetected like the phone’s Touch ID. A hacker from Germany was able to break into iPhone’s Touch ID after two days of its release.

iPhone has a feature ‘Find my iPhone’ that is used to protect the user from hackers. It allows the user to access the iCloud and clean out all hackers from their phone.  SRL argues that this is not an effective method and the phone becomes extremely venerable when in its airplane mode. According to SRL if the user changes his/her phone settings in the airplane mode, the phone can be protected from hackers.