Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) ready to solve their App Crash Issue


With new operating system in the market comes the problem of frequent app crashing due to all the new changes to the software. This same issue is being faced by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iOS 7. The frequency of app crashing is much higher in Apple’s 5s in comparison with iPhone 5 and 5c. Crittercism claims that iPhone 5s’ apps are crashing 2% more as compared to iPhone 5 and 5c’s 1%.

CEO of Crittercism Andrew Levy says that app crash issue is common with every new software and hardware, which goes away with time. He says that the reason for more app crashes in 5s is that even though iOS 7 was available to check for app compatibility for several months, but the hardware for the phone wasn’t. 5s also has a new M7 coprocessor and chip of 64-bit A7 whereas 5c uses almost as software and hardware as iPhone 5. When a representative from Apple was asked about these technical differences, he/she refrained from making any comments.

Levy believes that higher crash frequency in new softwares and hardwares is not a dire problem. That is why Apple was not hesitant in innovating and using the new 64-bit chip. The same problem occurred when desktops were shifted to 64-bit chip; developers had to work on system and drivers updates even then.

Apple is also working to solve this compatibility issue and has launched two new updates for iOS7.