Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Apple Watch Hermes Up For Online Sale From This Week


From January 22, 2016, prospective buyers can shop for the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Hermes Apple Watch band online at both and The whole collection would be up for purchase. Apple launched the Hermes Apple Watch band in October 2015, apparently to portray it as a premium fashion accessory. The availability of the Apple Hermes is restricted to sales in 18 stores globally. Currently, people wanting to acquire an Apple Watch Hermes have to visit outlets in big cities such as New York, Miami, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

The Apple Watch Hermes comes in both 38mm and 42mm faces, similar to other Apple watches. Each style features a customizable watch face. They are stainless steel similar to the mid-tier version of the gadget. In total, there is ten Hermes models split between the three styles. There exist three exclusively designed straps available in multiple colors. Color choices include Noir (black), Bleu Jean(blue), Fauve Barenia (light brown), Capucine (red),and Etain (dark brown). However, not all of these choices will be available for each style as well as face-size.

The styles are

  • Double Tour which goes around the user’s wrist twice. The Double Tour strap is available in four colors. They are Bleu Jean, Fauve, Etain, and Capucine. This strap has a 38mm Apple Watch.
  • Single Tour, it goes around the wrist once. It has either a 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch. It comes in multiple colors such as Noir, Fauve and Capucine (38 mm only).
  • Thicker Cuff resembles equestrian fixtures. This thick strap comes with a 42mm Apple Watch and its available only in one color-Fauve.

The Single Tour, Double Tour and the Cuff come at the starting price $1,100, $1, 250, and $1,500 respectively.

In September last year, Apple declared its association with the French fashion house, which was a move by the tech company to convince its customers that the Apple Watch should be regarded as a luxury item. The Apple Watch launched in April 2015 and the fashionistas did not anticipate that it would be looked upon as stylish. However, that did not stop Apple’s loyal shoppers and new customers from purchasing the gadget.

The Apple Watch Hermes was introduced in stores in October 2015. As it will be much easier to acquire, the fashion conscious may start to buy it.