Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) TV 4 Need To Establish A Way Through Which Multiple TV Shows Can Be Watched In One Universal App.


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Apple TV 4 is definitely an improvement over the last version, but the experience of having to jump from one app to the home screen then to another app is tiring. Most Apple TV 4’s users will most definitely support this argument since jumping from one app to another, trying to remember which app contains a particular show and in some apps when an episode in a series ends this app returns you to the main menu, are inconveniences.

Tim Cook, the chief executive officer Apple, claims that the future of TV was apps. This is definite but having multiple apps is not a convenient manner of doing it. Different apps usually contain various levels of quality. This brings about an enjoyment variance when watching different shows. Taking the example of Now TV and iplayer; in iPlayer, one can enjoy rich media visual which are characterized by bright colors. Viewers have the chance of jumping to live broadcast from this view, and also, you have several category options to make search easier. In Now TV, the categorization is not particular, and when an episode gets over, it takes the viewer back to the main menu. This variance is what users don’t want.

Apple TV has lots of apps, and there is no general way to favorite or bookmark a specific show. In a majority of the apps, you can’t like the show so that you have an easier timer locating it. With DVR, you have shows depending with your subscription. When new episodes are introduced, you can easily watch them. All networks and shows are usually treated as equally in DVR.

Most Apple users would enjoy the ability to subscribe to shows from any app and get them in a centralized location. By clicking on a show, it should take you to the native app. The option of bookmarking shows should also be available to make it easier to search for one’s favorite show. The user should also have a chance to go online and watch all new content, which is airing at a particular moment.

If Apple TV can unify these apps, and fix this shortcoming then the future of TV is definitely in apps.