Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) ’s iPhone Sale Estimated To Record Its First Year Over Year Decline In Sales


Analysts are coming to a conclusion that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s sales are set to dip subsequently but will receive a boost when iPhone 7 will be unleashed in September. According to analysts, Apple will receive their first ever year-on-year decline in 4Q2015. The lower demand for iPhone 6S and the negative talk at the Wall Street is setting up Apple’s stock for a big pop up come September, according to Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster.

Munster joined his colleagues in predicting this decline though he also expects the situation to be familiar with Apple’s stock in 2013, but of a different magnitude. During this period, Apple had its first lower multiple. During that time, Apple was just recovering from a ‘somewhat disappointing’ launch of iPhone 5. A year later Apple shares were up 50%, and two years later the stock price has surged 120%.

Currently, the widely spread sentiment has seen Apple share fall 28% from their 52-week high. Munster stated that they believed the share of Apple could experience an upside of over 50% from its current level when iPhone 7 is launched. Munster continued by noting that Apple’s stock is trading at 9.7 times its estimated EPS for the year 2017. It is basically the lowest the stock has traded in the past decade.

Investors are expected to bid up Apple’s multiple in the months close to September since it has been the case with three out of the last four iPhones released.

Munster forecast assumes that Wall Street believe that Apple 7 will be a major hit. However, this cannot be considered as a sure thing. For instance, Raymond James presented a report that claimed upcoming iPhone 7 would not help in increasing sales for Apple.

Analysts, expect the sales to drop by 10% Y-o-Y to 55.0 million units from an earlier estimated 62.5 million, 2Q to witness a fall of 5% Y-o-Y to 45.0 million units from 48.5 million. The reason for downward revision of estimates by analysts could be attributed to negative data flowing in Apple suppliers.