, Inc. (NASDAQ AMZN) Tests Drone Delivery Netherlands


The testing of drones by Amazon .com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is taking a different but positive turn even after their quick roll-out drone delivery experiments faced challenges from the US regulations. That said the Internet retail giant has nothing to show for the US market as far as its ambitions for testing its drones are concerned.

Apparently, it is in the United States where a bulk of Amazon’s customer base and revenue is located. And as such, the company is still likely to try its luck in establishing domestic drone service within the US, regardless of the existing strict and thorny regulations.

On the same note, Amazon had earlier sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration requesting for it to ease up on its drone testing principles. The request was granted but amidst a bunch of restrictions including the dismissal of company’s night flying of the drones.

The company currently has a stable testing base in the United Kingdom, Canada and more recently in the Netherlands. From the look of things, it is clear that Amazon is going big with drones as the future of its delivery service.

The drones are currently operating at a low capacity of customers, but the company is optimistic about being able to deliver big. However, it needs to go past the current technical and legal barriers before it can claim to have achieved meaningful service from the drones.

Meanwhile, FAA has emphasized that their key priority is on the drone’s safety hence the reason it has taken long to finalize the commercialization rules. The finalization is expected to take place close of spring according to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. Besides, it has maintained that companies that wish to fly drones must get approval.

With all these FAA rules and regulations, various advocacy groups have protested arguing that other countries do not have strict rules governing commercial use of drones. These countries include France, Sweden, and Norway and as such there chances that the US will lose out on technology innovation.

In other news, Netherlands has its strategy in place of how it shall tackle the flying of drones in places not allowed. They will not use drone tracking system and instead Eagles will come to use. The Eagles will use their talons to hunt for rogue drones.