Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google Ideas Gets Rebranded Into Jigsaw


Google Ideas, a division of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is rebranding itself as part of a strategy to become a tech incubator under the name Jigsaw.

The internal think tank and policy organization division will now go under the name Jigsaw. Google Ideas is one of Google’s projects that was headed by the company’s former Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, who is currently the chairman of Alphabet. Jared Cohen will serve as Jigsaw’s president. Cohen is best suited for the position because he was the head of Google Ideas. Jigsaw is now the tenth division under Alphabet.

The rebranded division will tackle issues that present themselves as the most headstrong problems that humanity faces today. Mr. Schmidt said the rebranding would put the firm in great position relay information to the most vulnerable populations in the world as well as providing a shield against the most problematic security issues. Jigsaw will deal with other issues such as online censorship and violent extremism.

Schmidt also stated that the name “Jigsaw” and the objective of the brand were inspired by the complex problems presented by both physical and digital problems. The company also believes that collaborative efforts are the best way to handle the problems. Its existence as a tech incubator will allow the firm to invest and facilitate the creation of technology that will boost information access.

Jigsaw is also geared towards having an effect on policies in such a way that major tech industries and companies including Alphabet will benefit. Jigsaw will still feature some of the objectives that were under its operations when it existed as Google Ideas. Some of the tools created by engineers from Google Ideas include Project Shield, which promotes online password alerts and free expression.

Google Idea used to tackle global problems through data visualization. The firm would track digital attacks and arms trade in real time using the technology. Jigsaw plans to bring more problems solving solutions on board as part of the new existence.