Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Takes Street View To 40 National Parks


Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has introduced its famous 360-degree street view beyond the streets and into national parks.

Google’s Street View team made this possible through a partnership with the National Park Service to expand the feature through 40 national parks and cultural archives. The Street View project offers 360-degree imagery of the subject areas, thus creating a virtual view of the locations. It was originally introduced as a feature of Maps where one could take a look at how a street actually looks like through the feature.

Online junkies can now take a walk in the 40 national parks in the comfort of their own computer screens without having to travel to the actual location. The experience might not be as fulfilling as taking a trip to the actual locations, but it will definitely create a clear mental picture of the sceneries.

Some of the historic sites and national parks involved in the project include the famous Alcatraz prison, Abraham Lincoln’s house and the Montezuma Castle. Google believes that having such history on Street View will be advantageous to people because it provides a comprehensive view of the surroundings rather than photos taken by other tourists.

Anyone who is a tech fanatic will most likely wonder what plans Google has for the future of street view especially as the technology scene digs deeper into virtual reality through innovative VR sets. The tech company itself recently announced that it is working on a VR headset to compete with what other firms in the industry are offering.

Analysts are speculating whether the 360 Street View’s expansion to National parks might hint to further ventures of Street View that are geared towards VR. Either way, it is an interesting application of its technology. Google has not made any comments or announcements about plans with Street View. However, the company will most likely add more sites to Street view. That way, people can enjoy more variety in their virtual tours.