Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google’s Android Users Can Install App Without Going To The Play Store


Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) users are starting to see the option to install an app without having to go to Play Store, whenever they search for an app. Just by opening the Google app and searching for an appropriate app, a pop permission just like in Play Store will appear. This pop-up will ask whether you want to continue with the installation or not. By selecting install the app, your selected app will be installed.

Though not everyone is getting the option to install whenever they search for an app, the number of positive results has been steadily increasing, and this probably means that Google is slowly rolling out this new feature. Currently, this feature is only applicable using Google app but not Chrome, though as stated, it is definitely in the roll out stage.

If this new feature will be fully launched, it will bolster Google’s efforts to keep their search engine relevant considering the number of apps in the market. Imagining the number of Android users and maybe Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iOS Google search engine will serve more and more people. This company would definitely love their customer to spend as much time as possible using Google even if they are only installing apps.

Though this news has not been confirmed by Google and they refused to respond when they were asked, this feature is definite and possibly, soon it will become official.

In a recent survey carried out determining who people trust for their news, Google emerged as the first one with about 63% saying they trust ‘search engines’ for information and news. Only 53% said that they trust ‘online-only’ media. This survey involved about 33,000 people from 28 different nations. The results implied that readers would easily trust a heading in Google’s news aggregator over the same headline in its original website. One of the significant disparity for this is how new outlets package stories for a particular platform. Headlines that are optimized for search engines are short and fact based while headlines shared on other platform are more open to interpretation

This kind of results coming out during this period might give Google more courage to roll out their new feature in a faster manner.