Alaska Air Group, Inc. (NYSE:ALK) Revamps Design


In a comprehensive brand change, Alaska Air Group, Inc. (NYSE:ALK) released an update for the company’s logo and Eskimo demeanor that has been present on the tail of the company’s airplane fleet since the 1970s. The alteration to the emblem is subtle. It’s modification of the capital “A” in Alaska and bold font. Changes to the Eskimo demeanor are more evident and were done partly to improve the image presentation online as well as on mobile devices.

The freshly painted Boeing 737-800 was showcased to a group of around 2,000 employees in Seattle Monday afternoon. The plane was bought in during darkness early Monday morning to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport where it was ferried into an Alaska Airlines hangar.

The new branding has brighter colors as well as crisper lettering. The carrier’s iconic Eskimo on the tail looks a bit more relaxed. Alaska worked with Hornall Anderson, a global branding, and design company for a year to produce the brand. Hundreds of management, as well as around 8,500 customer-interacting employees, were provided, with artistic renderings to obtain their input and backing.

Alaska Airlines made a decision to make changes to its brands-after a quarter century-because of huge growth in the last five years and to make the brand more digitally attractive. The company also modified its terminal at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, with changes to other terminals on the anvil. Credit cards and other goods having the carrier’s name and logo will also be modified.

Alaska’s Vice President of Marketing, Sangita Woerner said that the demeanor is basically identical, but they removed certain lines. The company wanted to ensure the eskimo was identifiable and that folk could discern the warmth as well as kindness in his demeanor.

The company added colors to the fur lining of the Eskimo’s parka to give more dynamism to the image and more accurately represent all the locations Alaska Airlines now goes to. These colors are given descriptive terms to indicate the locations Alaska flies and the emotions the company hopes the picture brings: “tropical green” for destinations such as Costa Rica.

Alaska Airlines has entered 90 markets in the last five years and is launching many new routes this year. The company has just ended one of its best years in terms of commercial results.